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  • Nutrition Consulting

  • Personal Training 

  • Plant-Based Living


Is Soy Healthy or Unhealthy?

You’ve started your vegan journey, but you’ve heard about a lot of things about soy. So is it healthy or unhealthy? The short answer is,...

Mexican Raised, Vegan by Choice

Where you are from is HUGE part of who you are, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Read below to learn more about how I overcame some...

Green Smoothie 30-Day Challenge

I’m on day 10 of my 30day GREEN smoothie challenge! WHY did I start this and HOW am I feeling ? WHY A NEW CHALLENGE? Yes I’m still vegan!...


Donut Run Review Serves: Dessert Price: $$ Stars: 5/5 Last Visited: This Week Why does do I rate this shop with 5/5 STARS? As you know...

“Ugly Foods" Contest

Ever wonder why your tomatoes or apples look and feel waxy? Why some foods look a bit too perfect than the ones you grow in your garden?...

How to: Be Vegan (Part 4)

New year, new opportunity to make a change! In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., I am writing to remind that we cannot continue to...

How to: Be Vegan (Part 3)

Still thinking of going vegan or are you currently doing a vegan challenge? Keep reading. Here is step three out of five things to do

How to: Be Vegan (Part 2)

Thinking of going vegan or doing a vegan challenge? Here’s step two of five things to do and think about while embarking on your vegan...

How to: Be Vegan (Part 1)

Thinking of going vegan or doing a vegan challenge? Here is everything you need to embark on your vegan journey! 1. Ask yourself, why? So...

The Fall Vegan Starter Pack

Here are 5 things you should think about doing for the fall season, have you checked any off your list? It's already fall, don't miss out...