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It all started with a blog. Picture this, 2019, I was entering my second year of my Master’s degree in public health. I had already taken elective courses in nutrition and most of my papers were on disease prevention or health initiatives through nutrition. I was  trained how to read scientific studies and distinguish the credible from non-credible and learned a vast wealth of knowledge. This is when I knew I had to share this crucial information.

Fast forward to 2021, still peak of the pandemic. I had just graduated at this point, I completed and passed my personal training certification, my website was up and running with several nutrition blogs & restaurant reviews, I had a full-time public health contracting position and was working part-time as a trainer to gain experience. I had the best of both worlds, but I was truly in my element working directly with clients. Soon after, the contract position ended and as I kept applying and being interviewed, I felt like I was wasting time. I literally sat in an interview and was thinking, “I’m wasting time, I didn’t even look this organization up. I could literally be helping clients right now.” That’s when I knew. I took a leap of faith and stopped applying.

I started conducting free stretching classes in DC, then outdoor fitnesses classes (bootcamps, core classes, etc.) and gaining my own clients through personal outreach. The journey was very unstable and volatile in the beginning, and still has its challenges today.

But the positives always outweigh the negatives, I get to make the decisions on any ideas I want to try out, I take mini vacations whenever I want, and best of all I am fulfilling my calling of helping and inspiring people through a medium that can generate income. healing eating living plant-based,

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