Healing FoodFully

Welcome to Healing FoodFully, adventure with me as I TRAVEL, EAT, and HEAL my body through Plant-Based Living. Explore my reviews of the best VEGAN RESTAURANTS in NYC, DC, Philly & more! See what foods you SHOULD eat and AVOID as a vegan.


Green Smoothie 30-Day Challenge

I’m on day 10 of my 30day GREEN smoothie challenge! WHY did I start this and HOW am I feeling ? WHY A NEW CHALLENGE? Yes I’m still vegan!...

How to: Be Vegan (Part 4)

New year, new opportunity to make a change! In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., I am writing to remind that we cannot continue to...

How to: Be Vegan (Part 3)

Still thinking of going vegan or are you currently doing a vegan challenge? Keep reading. Here is step three out of five things to do

How to: Be Vegan (Part 2)

Thinking of going vegan or doing a vegan challenge? Here’s step two of five things to do and think about while embarking on your vegan...

How to: Be Vegan (Part 1)

Thinking of going vegan or doing a vegan challenge? Here is everything you need to embark on your vegan journey! 1. Ask yourself, why? So...

The Fall Vegan Starter Pack

Here are 5 things you should think about doing for the fall season, have you checked any off your list? It's already fall, don't miss out...

Traveling Vegan

What should I pack if I’m traveling to non-vegan friendly city? My winter break for school was about a month—what did I do? As you know I...


How do you convince people to eat plant-based? This one is a tough!! There are THREE SECRETS to helping your best friend, girlfriend,...