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5 Documentaries That Will Inspire You


This one is tough, but I created a top 5 list of documentaries that motivated, inspired, and shocked me!

What The Health-Many of you probably have heard of it and many of you HAVE STILL NOT WATCHED IT. What the-even though I am not putting this list in any order this documentary def shocked me the MOST. I am a facts kind of person, I won't ruin it, but if you or someone you are trying to convince to join you on the #plantbased eating life watch this like NOW. It spits nothing but #facts and science and other SHOCKING details about how things--politics- work in the US. No #animalcruelty I promise.

Food Inc.- Although a little bit older now (2009), I watched it way after it came out. Actually, a really cool friend of mine showed it to me and that is what ACTUALLY GOT ME THINKING. The documentary shows an all-around INSIDE SCOOP as to HOW, WHO, and WHAT our food (animal agriculture) goes through. After watching this although there was only a BIT of animal footage, I understood enough and REFUSED to be ignorant and became MOTIVATED. Even though my really cool friend Chris and I aren't friends anymore (#sadface)-which I don't really know why honestly, probably because I graduated and he was still a #senior-I will be forever grateful to him. For OPENING MY EYES.

Earthlings-Fast forward to a year and a half ago, I finally made the decision when my boyfriend at the time and his siblings were watching this documentary. I tried not to look but I couldn't stop glancing over. One of my best friends a few years ago ( the first vegan I ever met) would always tell me that he would show me the documentary one day. Once he told me what it was about I would always be like noooooooooo WE ARE NOT. And we never did. I was the one who ended up being curious and watched it from the middle to the end. I realized I had and have NO RIGHT to be inflicting pain for days and YEARS of SUFFERING to anybody. Very eye-opening. and very INSPIRING, but you must have a strong mind to watch this from start to finish.


The Gamechanger-ALL MY ATHLETES, GYM RATS, and FITNESS LOVERS will def love this documentary! It honestly is my TOP FAV VEGAN documentary atm. WORLD FAMOUS athletes (that have set records) give their perspective of eating PLANT-BASED. It also gives you some science and FACTS on HOW and WHY eating plant-based gives athletes a HUGE advantage in increasing PERFORMANCE and MUSCLE RECOVERY. I'm looking to find ways to live a #healthyifestyle and being plant-based is def the way to go.

PS: this documentary is great to show stubborn-minded people another perspective on eating plant-based!

They're Trying to Kill Us-This unreleased documentary is SUPER relevant and dives into the TRUTH about how healthy food is INACCESSIBLE. "They" as in the government and selfish corporations build fast-food chains and advertise UNHEALTHY foods in specific neighborhoods-PEOPLE OF COLOR. From the trailer, this documentary reminds us of the SAD REALITY-access to quality healthy food is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT in the U.S. Many neighborhoods are forgotten leaving only unhealthy options available for people, people go hungry because they don't have access to food, getting healthy grocery options may be financial sacrifice and that this is VERY COMMON in communities where people of color live (African-American, Latinos, etc.). I think it's going to be a very POWERFUL and EYE-OPENING documentary for many people-can't wait until this comes out! RELEASE DATE: unknown

What the Health, The Gamechanger, and Food Inc are on Netflix. Not too sure about Earthlings. Let me know in the comments!

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