How to: Be Vegan (Part 3)

Still thinking of going vegan or are you currently doing a vegan challenge? Keep reading. Here is step three out of five things to do and think about while on your vegan journey!

3. Make a plan, ask yourself are you going vegan overnight or over time?

Going vegan overnight- Giving yourself deadlines is important. Even if it’s for a day from now, setting a concrete goal with with a deadline for yourself is an important way to make yourself accountable. I’ve known quite a few people that decided to change their life the next day...BUT what I have noticed is that these people tended to already be familiar with the idea of being vegan but didn’t have their “aha moment” until muuuuuuch later. What I mean is that I haven’t heard too many stories where a person never heard of plant-based eating but then learned about it and overnight they decided to GO and STAY vegan. It does happen but not super common. Its like a car, you don't BUY it until you TEST DRIVE IT, right? Unless its a #Tesla hahaha

Going vegan over time- I’m talking about taking a few weeks/months to fully make the transition. This option may seem too long for time people but it can be very useful! Taking some time before making any BIG life changes allows you to prepare, learn and experience. As you all know, I became vegan through this path, actually it took me TWO YEARS to fully adopt a plant-based eating regimen. Why? Not eating animal products was a completely NEW WORLD to me, I didn’t have friends or knew anyone at the time that was vegetarian or vegan. Because I was inspired for health reasons, I decided to go the vegetarian route. Even then it took me a FEW MONTHS to make the switch. For me it was a bit easier since I already didn’t like seafood, pork or red meat. My daily animal meats were chicken and turkey. During those few months I made every week a new challenge to eat less animal meat products. Giving myself that time allowed me to EXPERIMENT, EXPLORE, and LEARN about this new way of living! It actually wasn’t until much later on when someone else inspired me to live vegan. When I did stat seriously thinking about going vegan, I also did it OVER TIME...I gave myself a 30-DAY VEGAN CHALLENGE (check out my "It all Started with a Challenge" post)! Super happy I took my time because it was definitely a challenge since I had a MAJOR ADDICTION to cheese. But once I saw and felt my BODY TRANSFORM I knew it was something I COULD and WANTED for my body.

Which one is better: You’re at a point where through self discovery or someone else’s inspiration you’ve become woke. About the POWERFUL health benefits, LIFE-SAVING environmental effects or LOVING acts of kindness and respect for other beings. Depending on what your reason is, it will motivate you to choose STARTING NOW versus STARTING LATER. Neither way is the “right way” but I would def make sure I completed PART 1 & 2 of my “How to: Be Vegan” Series before making a decision!

Drop a comment, question, or ask me about any more tips in the comment section below. I hope you are excited for your vegan journey. Stay tuned for PART FOUR!

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