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The 5K Training Plan

train 3 Miles under 3 months


Is this the first time you have decided to run a race? Your first time committing yourself to run the entire race instead of walking it? Need a jumpstart to a cardio regimen?

This Plan Includes:

  • Running Calendar 

  • Perfect for Beginners 

  • Indoor and Outdoor Training

  • Recovery Days

  • Supplemental Workout Plan

  • Only $25


Our 5K TRAINING PLAN—3 UNDER 3 gives you a 3-MONTH RUNNING SCHEDULE along with complimentary workouts to help increase your endurance!  This 5K Training Plan is perfect for beginners who aspire to RUN or jog 3.1 miles or individuals who are new to the running world and want to learn how to start their running journey EFFICIENTLY.

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Running in City

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