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Black Charcoal? Rose? Cucumber? Which masks should I use?

At first face masks were a secret well kept at beauty stores, but now I see them even at the check out isles. Soooooo many name brands and so many varieties. Personally, I get overwhelmed with too many options and honestly I have only found 1 of them to MAKE A DIFFERENCE to my face.

First, I find the masks that make you PEEL them off are the most effective. The dead sea black charcoal one really de-clogs my pores and strips away impurities--BUT I do find my skin to be uncomfortably dry afterwards. AVOCADO MASKS do the exact opposite--leaving my skin HYDRATED, SUPER SOFT and even RADIANT.

My skin unlike most, needs additional MOISTURE EVERY DAY. Either through lotion, oils, etc. The only exception I have found is that during the summer my face produces more oils and so I do not need to use as much moisture as I usually do. Probably in response to the heat, especially since I've been living in areas with high HUMIDITY lately.

Your face is one of the most sensitive areas of your skin and experimenting with different products can be a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. This is why I always choose to use NATURAL, PLANT-BASED remedies/products. AVOCADO is such a unique and healthy FRUIT. It is high in the good fats, and low in the bad fats. This is VERY IMPORTANT to know for both eating and beauty remedies. It is also has POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS which is helpful for clearing the bacteria that cause ACNE.

If your face is NATURALLY OILY---I would not recommend an avocado mask as a daily routine. At most, ONCE a WEEK. For a SENSITIVE skin like mine, there are a few things I want to warn you about. When applying avocado directly on your face, I would avoid scrubbing your face with soap just before applying the avocado. Some of the chemicals in the soap may interact with the avocado and leave your face looking and feeling irritated. This definitely happened to me---I started using a new soap (which is AMAZING btw) and immediately applied the avocado on my face in the shower. After rinsing, I had tiny RED DOTS all over (almost like rash, without the itchiness). At first, I thought it was the avocado, I started thinking that my face was allergic and I was going to have to start buying ORGANIC, but then I remembered, I've been doing this every week so---something ISN'T ADDING UP. I then remembered that I had changed soaps--this one had exfoliating ingredients. If your skin is a little bit on the dry side, I would recommend an avocado mask TWICE a WEEK.

How do you make an avocado mask? It takes 5 MINUTES and all you need is a KNIFE, FORK, GLASS BOWL, and AVOCADO. Make sure your hands are washed with no lotions or harsh soaps. Cut an AVOCADO in half using the twist method, and cut 1/4 of one of the halves. Gently PEEL the 1/4 AVOCADO off the SKIN into the BOWL and mash it up using the FORK. Apply the MASHED AVOCADO on a clean face (no make-up, rinsed with water/non scented/sensitive soap). Wait 5-7 minutes after applying and gently rinse off with water, PAT DRY with a clean towel and feel the smoothness.

Let me know how your avocado mask experience goes!

Write a comment below on any other ways you use AVOCADO!

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