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Carrot Juice-Healing Journey (Part 1)


Can juicing really heal your body?

The short answer is yes! It really depends on what area of the body you are trying to heal. From healing the thyroid, digestion problems, or getting more nutrients to your body-juicing can help, but it what also REALLY MATTERS is which plants you are using!

I recently started a carrot juice healing journey- to HEAL MY EYES. My vision isn’t super bad and recently went to the eye doctor to find out my prescription hasn’t changed in 2 years! Crazy because I’ve been in school using the computer 👩🏾‍💻 often and I hadn’t gotten my yearly checkup😬

Nutrition is the key answer—to many of society’s HEALTH ISSUES—including your vision. My grandma used to wear glasses YEARS AGO and doctors in her home country told her the key to healing herself. HOW TO PREVENT her eyesight from getting worse and IMPROVE her vision. It might sound crazy🥴but remember doctors in other countries are taught WAY DIFFERENTLY than U.S doctors, they are taught more about NUTRITION and PREVENTION and actually HEAL the source of DISEASEnot just making you feel better TEMPORARILY🤕. In the U.S back in the 40s, there was even a doctor that cured DIABETIC BLINDNESS through diet ...look up the“rice study” or see the link below. My grandma has been telling me for years to drink carrot juice daily and I just didn’t have the time or money to start juicing—or so I thought🤔

Let me take it back 3 years ago, when I started eating a lot of carrots, not through juicing but in soups and other daily foods🥗I think I kept this up for a few months and went to the eye doctor and my prescription actually WENT DOWN😍It wasn’t by much but my eyesight was still going in the RIGHT DIRECTION! Now I didn’t really change any other factors of my life—I was actually lacto-vegetarian (No animal products except dairy) and I was still in front of the computer screen a lot because of work...

Flash forward to today—I just graduated and it def feels like I have ALOT more TIME and money—from graduation gifts😅 So I decided to buy a juicer—omg that is a whole different story. It took me almost a month to choose one but I finally decided to buy the Hamilton Beach Juicer and I am super happy with it especially since it comes with a 3-year warranty! It ended up being way less than $100 and it does the job right💯 For some reason in my mind I imagined juicers to be HUNDREDS of DOLLARS—which they can be but this one was not! I’m on day 45 of juicing and I am obsessed...I haven't felt or noticed any crazy differences yet, but I'm excited to share my updates with you!

Negative side of juicingthere are TWO IMPORTANT things to remember about juicing. Fiber is important and ESSENTIAL to the body for digestion and getting nutrients. Think of fiber as the skin of fruits and veggies. During the juicing process, fiber is stripped away and only the juice of the plant squeezed out. Because fiber is important to the body you SHOULD NOT replace juicing with eating fruits/veggies. Second, juices even homemade ones have a very high glycemic index—meaning there is a high level of sugar and it will get absorbed and converted into the body VERY QUICKLY. People with health conditions or SENSITIVITY to carbs and sugar should ask a DIETICIAN about starting juicing.

You only have one body—you should treat your body and what you eat as an investment. What you put in it now can DEEPLY HARM or HELP your body now and later. Do you like playing SPORTS? Lifting? Waking up in a GOOD MOOD? Feeling light and PAINLESS after eating? Why would you want to feel the opposite? Don't wait until it's too late or you feel helpless to help make your body feel AMAZING. See my post "IT ALL STARTED WITH A CHALLENGE" on how I became vegan and all the amazing changes I've experienced.

Hope y enjoyed learning about how food can heal the body. Leave a comment below and STAY TUNED by subscribing to get updates on my healing journey!


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