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Leeks: Another Super Food?


You've probably passed by these a bunch of times...but WHAT ARE THEY!!! They are called LEEKS and they are SUPER HEALTHY! Vitamin A, C, K, B6, anti-oxidants...should I say more?

I'm the type of person that will grab a fruit or veggie that looks mega weird...But I actually decided to grab these because of a recipe I saw in my cookbook "need 3 leeks." I was like what the heck are LEEKS (picture on the right). So yes I did not know what leeks were before trying out this recipe a few days ago.

What do they smell like? Since they are part of the onion and garlic family they smell a bit like onions but on the SWEETER SIDE.

What do they taste like? Hmmm, everyone has different taste buds, but I would say the leek soup I made reminded me of an elevated version of the onion soup at Panera.

Doing more research on leeks I found out that leeks can help heal the body:

Vision: Leeks have high amounts of carotenoids which your body makes into Vitamin A. Vitamin A is needed and good for your eye health.

Testosterone: Vitamin A has also shown to regulate testosterone which is important for both males and females, but will HELP GUYS more when it comes to their prostate and of course their HORMONES.

Heart Health & Cancer: Leeks are very high in antioxidants similar to the ones in aloe vera (see Aloe Vera Blog Post) that help PROTECT AGAINST heart disease and some CANCERS . Since they are in the garlic family, they also have ANTI-FUNGAL properties and can reduce BAD CHOLESTEROL, BLOOD PRESSURE and even BLOOD CLOTS.

Immune System: NOT TO BRAG ABOUT VITAMIN A is also helpful to your cells when they are trying to send and receive messages. Vitamin A combined with the HIGH AMOUNT of VITAMIN C in LEEKS can fight off BACTERIA , VIRUSES and DISEASES.

Want to get technical? Read the studies here:

Are You Convinced to Try Out Leeks Now? Check out my recent post on Instagram for my

Leek Soup Recipe!

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