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My ALL TIME FAVORITE and only guilty pleasure in junk foods is VEGAN. #YASSS---was all I could say when I slowly read the ingredients list on the OREO package.

Did you ever imagine the cookies you've been eating since you were kindergarten were vegan? Don't be surprised if you didn't think so. Many people still get surprised when I tell them I eat Oreos. So why are Oreos known as milk's favorite cookie? Almost ALL commercials showing the cookie being dipped in milk? The answer is the advertising and dairy industry is powerful. Why else would there be a cookie splashing in "milk" be on the cover of the packaging. There's A LOT that goes into this topic so I will get to it in another post! Meanwhile, LONG LIVE OREOS!!

Next time you pick up your favorite candy or junk food take a closer look at the packaging and ingredients list---you might be surprised.

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