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What is the Difference?

I try to use the word plant based more often than vegan, but why? It's honestly a personal PREFERENCE. When it comes to EATING, they both mean the SAME THING. NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS. Both eating habits consist of legumes (beans), vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds---basically anything that comes from plants. Vegans however can be a little more liberal in their foods so they also eat foods that ARE PROCESSED like OREOS, VEGAN MEATS, TOSTITOS chips, etc. There is nothing wrong with it, just be careful since we know some of these are unhealthy for ANYBODY.

Plant-Based--This term mostly refers to the WAY YOU EAT--all foods coming from ONLY PLANTS and NO ANIMALS. Healing FoodFully is a plant-based website, read below why I don't use vegan as often.

Vegan--Similar to plant-based eating, fruits, veggies,legumes, grains, nuts and seeds, and they DO NOT eat animal by-products --like casein (cows), honey (bees), gelatin (see last blog post). The word vegan too has another meaning. READ BELOW....

Veganism--There are different reasons someone might go VEGAN, so the term veganism--refers to embracing all the reasons. Environmental, anti-cruelty, the health benefits, etc. So that means besides eating plant-based, they also are conscience about what they WEAR and what products they USE. Like not buying or wearing leather, using make-up/lotions that have not been tested on animals , using only reusable containers or water bottles, composting their foods instead of throwing them out, all that hippie, lovey stuff. I am really BIG on the environment so yes,I REUSE EVERYTHING and I don't like buying plastic bottles, especially water bottles, like NO WAY. I've also been using more cruelty-free products.

FUN FACT--did you know it takes about 1 MILLION years for a PLASTIC WATER BOTTLE to decompose....yeahh that was more of a SAD FACT, but it's true. I will say though I do still wear some animal products. BEFORE becoming vegan, one of the popular gifts I would get were wallets and watches. Sad fully,they were made with cow skin, so yes they are "leather." Although I DO NOT go out of my way to find leather shoes or accessories, I still use some of the gifts I was given as a sign of respect and also they have a lot of memories and meaning to me. As far as shampoos and lotions--I only buy those with the CRUELTY FREE LOGO--Shea MOISTURE is the BEST!

Just remember at the end of the day, if you are trying your best to AVOID and ELIMINATE animal products YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Companies are NOT GETTING YOUR MONEY and ANIMALS ARE NO LONGER SUFFERING.

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