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What should I use for my face?

Clear Acne? Reduce Redness? Clear acne marks or scars? Moisturize? Balance out the oiliness? Depending on what your goal is there are a few powerful plants that will heal you naturally.

Aloe Vera: Is TOP on this LIST because of its versatility. Leaving it on your face for 1-3 minutes a few times a week, will REDUCE acne inflammation, CLEAR acne, reduce acne scars, SMOOTHEN and MOISTURIZE your face and helps to SLOW AGING. Read my blog post for hair and other uses of aloe vera: "BENEFITS OF ALOE VERA"

Avocado: AVOCADO MASKS leave my skin HYDRATED, SUPER SOFT and even RADIANT. If your face is NATURALLY OILY—I would not recommend an avocado mask as a daily routine. At most, ONCE a WEEK. If your skin is a little bit on the dry side, I would recommend an avocado mask TWICE a WEEK. Read my blog post for hair and other uses of avocado "AVOCADO MASKS"

Lavender: Lavender Oil is a powerful one, but it is also an essential oil, meaning you should not use the essential oil directly on your face. Because essential oils are usually concentrated and in the purest form, you need to infuse a few droplets into a lotion/moisturizer you already use. I use a pre-made mixture of lavender, coconut and vanilla oil for my face. I have been using it for a few months and it has been AMAZINGGG. It is not too oily and the lavender alone has properties to SOOTHE, MOISTURE, HYDRATE and its anti-oxidants help REPAIR the skin and REDUCE acne. FUN FACT: did you know you can also cook with lavender.


Rose: The Rose flower has anti-inflammatory properties meaning it can help to HEALS scars, cuts, REMOVES excess oils and REDUCE redness and acne. You might see it in stores as rose mist or rose water which you can spray on your face and rub gently. You can also use rose water for your HAIR. I started using it since the summer have not used rose water yet but my sister used it on the daily for hydration and reducing acne.

Let me know in the comments the plants that have worked or haven't worked for you!

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