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SPOILER ALERT--You probably have already read my REVIEWS for E-Life, Sweet Sosumba and Hip City Veg, but I will tell you a few of my REAL FAVORITES.

I'm not going to lie, E-Life is definitely on the list! Aside from their awkward location you know I think they did SOUL FOOD justice (read my restaurant review). There is just so much FLAVOR on EVERYTHING, I cannot!

Fare well--this is actually my favorite vegan spot in DC. I just went here last week so I'll be posting a review soon! Check out my YELP review for a lot of pics and details. All I'm going to say this is VEGAN HEAVEN. This spot is perfect if you are HUNGRY and you are with friends or on a date.

Hip city Veg--Again they nailed the flavor! I have only been able to try their lunch options, but I'm DYING TO TRY their breakfast menu!! See my restaurant review in the DC section.

Do you agree with my top picks? Am I missing any? Leave a comment below!

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