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Top Vegan Restaurants in DMV

Your Ultimate Guide to Vegan Restaurants in the DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV)

DC's Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial

Visiting DC, Maryland or Virginia? Just moved here? Here are the TOP FOUR VEGAN RESTAURANTS in the area!

This was long overdue but now that I’ve been here for a few years I can give you the inside scoop of all my restaurant favs RATED on their STORE HOURS, MENU VARIETY & CREATIVITY, VIBE and of course TASTE.

Check out the Top Six Restaurants

Feel free to scroll down or jump to each restaurant description by clicking the hyperlinks!


#6: Sticky Fingers Diner

Formally known as Farewell. I’ve been coming here even before I lived in the DMV—in case you didn't know it stands for DC-MD-VA, it took me years before I realized 😂

Enjoy this 100% Vegan American Diner serving breakfast all day!! My favorite are their French toasts and “wings platter.” They also have a separate bakery shop 100% vegan both located in Northeast, DC.

#5: Gangster Vegan Organics

I became obsessed with their juices and fresh ingredients for two months!! We love that is 100% organic and raw vegan (minus two dishes) so everything is served raw and natural so you can be sure that you are maximizing your vitamin intake when you come here. I only found out about the restaurant recently and they have a few locations; Riverdale Park & Baltimore in Maryland.

#4: Great Sage

Absolutely AMAZING I’m so glad I found it!  Everything is 100% organic, vegan, and super gluten-free friendly. DON’T PASS UP THEIR DESSERTS; they had so many to choose from including their pastel de tres leches (tres leches cake) and I definitely approve!! It’s a bit of a drive and too far for DoorDash but a nice place to dine-in,  Clarksville, MD.

#3: Chicago’s Pizza with a Twist

This one is the only one on the list that isn’t 100% vegan, but the vegan pizza options are OVERWHELMINGLY too many and delicious. I’ve had meat-eaters tell me this vegan pizza TASTES BETTER than TRADITIONAL dairy pizza! They have gluten-free options and it’s fairly priced. The only negative side is THEIR DELIVERY IS HORRIBLE, just don’t it, pickup instead. Located in a somewhat hidden spot in Arlington, VA.

#2: Planta Queen

This was almost a tie with my number one. They’re FINE DINING, SERVICE, and DECOR will not disappoint! I’ve been to both locations in the DMV and think Bethesda is great for a relaxed and outdoorsy vibe and DC location is best for a date or special occasion. Locations in both Bethesda, MD and Northwest, DC. They also have locations in Miami (it’s amazing ), Los Angeles, Chicago and other major cities!

#1: Hip City Veg

Top of my list since it meets all the requirements of my rating. First, they are open until midnight - 2AM (Thursday - Sunday)! Second they serve breakfast, lunch/dinner, dessert and MILKSHAKES! We appreciate their twists of their breakfast menu items and the staff have always been SUPER NICE, and they have even thrown in some free goodies from time to time. Finally a vegan restaurant that is in Southeast & Northwest side of Washington, DC.

Thank you for reading! Check out my #Yelp Reviews or Tiktok for more local and national reviews on vegan restaurants!

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