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7-Day Vegan Meal Plan (The Right Way)

Updated: Feb 7, 2022


7-Day Meal Plan—is this real?

Yes you read it right! For a limited time, I’m giving away a free COMPREHENSIVE WHAT and HOW to eat 100% plant-based the right way! For those of you keeping up with my stories on Instagram, you got a head start! If you missed it, you can still purchase the meal plan as it is ON SALE NOW! Fill out this form to sign up ( ) or email me ( and let me know YOU want in on this MEAL PLAN and are ready to open your vegan-curious mind.


Why not? I love introducing people to new ways on improving their health, that is simply my passion. The new year is also right around the corner, so why not try something new in your life that WILL BENEFIT YOU? I also am looking to get REAL FEEDBACK. I want to know about your short journey using Healing FoodFully’s (my brand name) guide you to going 7-DAYS VEGAN THE RIGHT WAY.

What is Included?

I won’t reveal everything, BUT besides nutrition information on which foods have the highest vitamins/minerals and which can give you the most energy and protein, I give you a step by step guide on how much to eat, and more importantly WHAT TO EAT. Because everyone has a different palate and food preferences, you have the option to follow my recipes or choose from a list of food groups I provide.

Remember there point is to not change everything completely on your eating regimen, just your food content. The best way to create a habit is to transition into it by adapting to your current situation. Plant-based transitions are what I do for a living so trust that you will be getting the best of the best suggestions!

Who is this best for?

Some things that I thought about while creating it were: some people are used to buying ready-to-eat foods, some people may buy take-out food often and others might not even know how to cook. So this vegan meal plan includes a happy medium that considers these varying eating habits. The most common way to change a habit is through the idea of incrementalism—taking baby steps towards change. So this plan is not on the “extreme side” that involves cooking everyday and making your own meals from scratch (although this is the healthiest way).

Already tried going vegan?

A lot of people I’ve met that tried going vegan did not do it THE RIGHT WAY—they were either starving themselves, eating solely processed foods, or did not feel fulfilled. As a vegan of 4 years (started my journey in 2017) I’ve gone through all of these seasons. Being a gym rat and Certified Personal Trainer, gives me that extra level of expertise when creating this plan (read more about me through the About Page).

5 Things to Prepare you for the 7-Day Meal Plan:

  1. Write down or track what you currently eat/calories for 7 DAYS—this will be important data that will be see as a before and after to compare your nutritional value. You can write this down in your planner l, a journal, or use a free app, but remember BE HONEST and write everything down.

  2. Watch a vegan-inspired documentary— this will give you different perspectives and accurate information on eating plant-based. You can watch any on this list (see link) or any others you find. Please note, COWSPIRACY and SEASPIRACY are not on this list but are very good documentaries.

  3. Read my 5 Part Series on How to Go Vegan—( ) this will help you MENTALLY PREPARE for this short journey, force yourselves to ask questions about your journey and motivate you along the way.

  4. Set a start date—in order to keep up with you and your journey and motivate you, you will need to send me your tentative start date.

  5. Fill out this quick survey—

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Aliaa Gaber Soliman
Aliaa Gaber Soliman
Oct 22, 2022



Dee Gray
Dee Gray
Feb 25, 2022

The Vegan 7 day meal plan was the kick start I needed to help me reset my nutritional habits. Ashli's recommendations provides just enough variety to keep you satisfied throughout each day.

D. Gray

Feb. 2022


Monica Claro
Monica Claro
Feb 24, 2022

The 7 day vegan challenge wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be! I'm someone who already mostly eats chicken, fish and tofu (with the occasional burger) but have been interested in finding more plant based options in my diet.

Honestly I felt like my digestion improved, I felt less bloated, and overall just felt satisfied! I haven't gone completely vegan but I'm definitely incorporating more plant based options in my diet! This was a great starting point! 😀 - Mónica

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