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Featured Restaurant Review: Vegan baked goods can be hard to find, but these donut delights are everywhere!

Dun-Well Doughnuts

Serves: Dessert Price: $ Stars: 4/5 The Food:  It was a typical night in NYC, just left an underground arcade room and wanted a midnight snack, so I WAS CRAVING TREATS. It’s always been a struggle finding vegan pastry spots that stay open late. But I actually found one open that night. Since this was the first ALL PLANT-BASED doughnut spot, I ordered a DOZEN of their ORGANIC, HAND-MADE donuts. My favorite were definitely the CLASSIC GLAZED DONUTS—blueberry and the classic. SOFT like a donut, AIRY like a donut and literally tasted like a KRISPY KREME glazed donut but BETTER. Since they make their donuts in-house and fresh every day, you can TASTE the QUALITY.  My non-vegan friends really liked the sprinkled Simpson and chocolate donut! I do want to point out that the staff were SO FRIENDLY and even gave us a few free donuts since they were closing up for the night. Even better, DUN-WELL has been DONATING donuts to hospitals during the PANDEMIC so on top of the fact they use plant-based organic ingredients you can feel LESS GUILTY knowing that they are GIVING BACK to the NYC COMMUNITY. During the QUARANTINE, their BROOKLYN LOCATION is delivering through Postmates and I heard that they sell their sweets at WHOLE FOODS & CAFES throughout the city. Can’t wait till quarantine is over.

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