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Donut Run Review

Serves: Dessert

Price: $$

Stars: 5/5

Last Visited: This Week

Why does do I rate this shop with 5/5 STARS? As you know very few of my restaurant reviews are rated 5 stars, but the quality of these donuts SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

These AIRY and FLUFFY DONUTS are SPOT ON to non-vegan donuts! Their DOUGH to GLAZE is precisely balanced so they are NOT OVERLY SWEET. Their donuts are ALWAYS FRESH-BAKED and CRUELTY-FREE so you don’t have to feel guilty splurging on a few since they are 100% VEGAN!!

If you are looking for a healthier substitute to satisfy your PASTRY CRAVINGS this is the place for you! I’ve come FOUR WEEKENDS in a row and I have NO REGRETS! I was sad I missed out on their SPECIALTY donuts, but I was still able to try out and leave with 3 varieties.

PS: ARRIVE EARLY or BE PREPARED to wait in line! It's funny because its DO NUT RUN...but it seems like everybody is always running to get here because they close early and they run out quick! Anyway, I’m looking forward to try them out next time!

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