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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Oven-baked Quinoa Stuffed Pepper, side of Broccoli and Vegan Chorizo & Potaotes


How and Why I Began Eating Plant-Based?

This is DEF an older pic...October seems like such a long time ago from today. I remember this month so vividly not only because Halloween is my second favorite holiday but also because I was studying for an exam that would basically determine my future!

If you've read my restaurant blogs you know how much I was obsessed with dairy #cheese. Cheese was the only thing holding me back from the #veganlife. What motivated me was my amazing and brave boyfriend who ACTUALLY BECAME VEGAN BEFORE ME! I remember this day too perfectly. I was in my apartment studying for that crazy exam on the kitchen table. He knocked on the door and once I stepped in the kitchen he said he had something to tell me. Not only did he decide to start eating plant-based, but also his brother who-- was completely against us being vegetarian. From that point forward I knew I had to STEP IT UP.

I will admit I was a little jealous at first because I had always been the health freak in every way. NO ONE I knew or hung out with was as fit and dedicated to eating clean as I was. Well I got #YEETED

So the journey began. Unlike them, my love and addiction for cheese was too strong and I knew I was unable to cut cold tofurkey....haha... So I decided to do a 30-Day #veganchallange. During the most stressful time in my life. I was working 2 jobs, one of them was full-time AND I had signed up to take the exam in OCTOBER.

I will admit it was super draining because I did not have time to do my research and just ate whatever I had remembered I could. Proud to say I only messed up ONCE....can you guess what I accidentally ate one day?

After that challenge during one of the most busiest times of my life I knew at least I could do it. It was the first step towards my #plantbasedlife

Did anyone motivate you to eating plant-based? Comment below!

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