How to: Be Vegan (Part 4)

Updated: Jan 20

New year, new opportunity to make a change! In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.,

I am writing to remind that we cannot continue to be manipulated by industries that are causing us harm.

This "food culture" that we have been fed (pun intended) to believe is part of our "tradition" is NOT NORMAL. Food is not the way it used to be made, animals are injected with GROWTH HORMONES, PRESERVATIVES, and are EXPOSED to BACTERIA EVERYDAY due to mass production. Animals are being CAGED in such small spaces that they are growing deformed. This is why it is the CHEAPER option at the store..FOR NOW. This is the same meat and dairy eat that is KILLING us slowly; through DISEASE and PRESCRIPTIONS (to relive NOT CURE). We CANNOT LET them WIN, think long-term my people. Think #vegan. Keep reading my PART FOUR and check out my How to: Be Vegan Parts 1-3!

4. Follow vegan news and social media!

Only a small % of people in the world are vegan. If you are still new at eating and living PLANT-BASED, you might feel a little left out because your friends and family don't understand how important it is to eat plant-based... BUT the good thing is there are sooooooo many people FINALLY starting to become woke joining us in our cruelty-free journey. One of the BEST WAYS to stay connected with the vegan community is by surrounding yourself by A LOT of plant-based influencers:

  • Vegan Newsletters/Blogs

  • Vegan Social Media Accounts (restaurant, cooking, beauty, recipes, environmental, animal sanctuaries)

  • Vegan Celebrities

  • Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations

Vegan Newsletters & Blogs- YES, vegan news exists!! Every day there is a new vegan product at the grocery store, beauty section, or even at the cleaning isle! More and more people want to EAT healthy and USE natural, CHEMICAL-FREE products. In economics we call this INCREASE in DEMAND. This is why there are new and old companies coming out with VEGAN OPTIONS-because more people are becoming WOKE and want HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE and CRUELTY-FREE OPTIONS. I mean who would've thought BURGER KING, DOMINOES, OR MICHAEL KORS would start offering the impossible burger or get rid of ANIMAL FUR!! So don't miss out on some of your favorite spots because they probably already have or coming out with a vegan options. Here are TWO of my FAVORITE vegan news/blogs to follow:


  • Live Kindly (social media)

  • VegNews (email subscription & social media)


  • Healing FoodFully (vegan blogger, Instagram food blogger)

  • Mic the Vegan (vegan YouTube blogger)

Vegan Social Media Accounts- just like the news, it's good to surround yourself by other people who are also vegan to get ideas of WHAT TO EAT & COOK, WHERE TO EAT & SHOP and what products to STAY AWAY FROM. Be open minded, follow accounts that you normally wouldn't, you might learn something new! Here are some of my favorite accounts on Instagram:

  • Healthy/Nutrition Tips: @vegantipster

  • Animal Rights: @earthlinged

  • Environmental Justice: @gretathunberg

  • Recipes (Instagram and websites): noracooks, love and lemons, minalmist baker

  • Vegan Junk Food: @veganjunkfood

  • Vegan Gains/Fitness: @nimaidelgado

  • Vegan Restaurants: (follow your city's vegan page)

  • Celebrities: (there are a lot of vegan celebrities)

Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations-Love traveling? Honestly who doesn't! But if you are a serious traveler, spend some time to look up vegan-friendly cities (see blog post) or at least look up the nearest vegan restaurant from where you are staying. Most places have vegan options, but if you are like me and want NO CROSS-CONTAMINATION or WORRY about ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS and DON'T WANT to COOK on vacation, you really should look it up before going on vacay!

Hope you've enjoyed and learned from my series on HOW TO BE VEGAN. Stay tuned for part five (last of the series) and check out my other blog posts if you haven't already!

Drop a comment, question, or ask me about any more tips in the comment section below. Stay tuned for PART FIVE!

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