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Top 5 Vegan-Friendly Cities


What places should I add to my travel list?

If you like traveling like me, this quarantine is making you ANCY….So after this is all over I’m DEF going crazy with the travelling as a self-gift. What better places to go than the TOP VEGAN-FRIENDLY CITIES! We don’t know how many vegans there are, but we DO KNOW from a few polls that there are MORE OF US then years before us.I checked out The US News website rated them as the BEST VEGAN/VEGETARIAN CITIES. Soo what does that mean? PETA didn’t really describe how they were picked, but the top cities were on also on the U.S News list which rated them based on 16 areas including “affordability, diversity, accessibility and quality of vegetarian and vegan-friendly foods.”

Five: Portland (Oregon) I was actually going to go in March, but of course I didn’t go because of the pandemic…Portland has been popular these last few years not just because they were the frist states to legalize recreational marijuana, but its become super trendy and it surprisingly has so many vegan restaurants!!! Here are some restaurants that were on my list:

  • AVIV (Middle Eastern Food)- I do love me some middle eastern food, although I have mostly had what they call here as Mediterranean. I peeked at their menu and it looks EXCITING and VERY FLAVORFUL—makes sense since their top chef is ISRAELI! They have also gotten a lot of LOCAL & NATIONAL PRESS..I have to see what the hype is about.

  • Ichiza Kitchen (Asian Food)- What interested me about their menu was their FRESH INGREDIENTS in their TEAS, APPETIZERS and DISHES—and they’re all NON-GMO. I’ve also heard sake but have not tried it yet but I was excited to see so many REFRESHING FLAVORS. Did I mention how AESTHETIC their food looks on their website!!

Four: Orlando (Florida): I’ve been here many times, but 2 years ago when I went it didn’t feel like there weren’t too many vegan options….I guess a lot has changed! My personal fav when I went to Universal Studios was VOODOO DOUGHNUTS (see restaurant reviews ), although it was NOT 100% VEGAN. Some advice when you go to Orlando—EVERYTHING IS FAR. Whenever I go back these will be on the list:

  • Ethos Vegan Kitchen: Their “Sheeps Pie w/ Garlic Knots” and many of their other hearty dishes will surely fill that homestyle cooked meal you have been craving.

  • DaJen Eats(Jamaican Food): Not too far from downtown Orlando, I’m always down to try new food even though my first experience trying Jamaican food wasn’t anything too special.

Three: Los Angeles (California)-oh LA…The last time I was in LA was in 2016 and even though I was only vegetarian, I did go to a vegan restaurant. That was the first time I tried jackfruit and I LOVED ITTTTT…Since that vacay trip I’ve set my mind to live in CALI…now that I graduated I am applying to jobs in Cali…we’ll see what happens. Anyway a lot of the vegan accounts I follow always post the BEST food pics from VEGAN RESTAURANTS in California. So I CANNOT WAIT to go back. Here are a few spots on my to go list:

  • Pura Vita (recommended by PETA): is the first ORGANIC ITALIAN RESTAURANT & BAR, with 6 types of gelato for dessert, a BIG SELECTION for brunch dinner their dishes sound both FILLING and CREATIVE..can’t wait to try their in-house grilled ciabatta & fresh “mozzarella.”

  • Hinterhofla(recommended by PETA): I love trying new ethnic foods! Potato pancakes, wienerschnitzel—all classic GERMAN DISHES I remember my German friend telling me about, but still have not tried!

Two: New York City (New York): My favorite city in the world for so many reasons one of them is def the food. I have MY PERSONAL FAVORITES that I posted on my RESTAURANT REVIEWS on my website (Screamers, Peace Food), but there is always so much to explore in the city that I have added these to my list:

  • Beyond Sushi (recommended by PETA): I am not a sushi fiend, but once I read JACKFRUIT STUFFED SUSHI ROLLS I knew this place was more than just another Asian spot. They also make homemade pastas and have 7 LOCATIONS around NYC!

  • Baba’s Perogies (recommended by PETA): Although the vegan menu is small, they specialize in PEROGIES so you know its probably AMAZING..I’ve only had frozen perogies when I was vegetarian yearssssss ago, so I’m excited to go back and try the REAL THING.

One: San Francisco (California): Another spot I was supposed to go for SPRING BREAK….but of course was not able to, that is why SAN FRAN is top on my travel list! Trying to do a quick search on restaurants in the city was NOT QUICK because there are SO MANY RESTAURANTS in this one city..guess that’s why its top rated! Here they are:


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