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What should I pack if I’m traveling to non-vegan friendly city?

My winter break for school was about a month—what did I do? As you know I am a traveler at heart and I’ll take ANY adventure♥️ even if it’s taking a train close by. This break I really decided to chillax🙇🏽‍♀️. Last semester had me TIRURRDD. I was definitely needed to catch up on sleep—but I’m a night person—so I honestly stayed up till 4am like EVERYDAY😂.

Last week—was my last week of break and it was amazing!! I went on an alternative breaks trip through my school with other students to learn about HOW FOOD IS MADE and WHO makes it 👀 (will write about it tomorrow).

During this trip—the leaders arranged planned out places for us to eat and sometimes we cooked together as a team. There were 3 other VEGETARIANS but I was the ONLY VEGAN. We went to a lot of ethnic spots which I totally love because I love trying new foods—BUT sadly I was disappointed and surprised—some Mexican spots didn’t even serve rice or beans only tacos with meat!!! I’m Mexican and I was shocked 🤯.

Being prepared makes life SOOO MUCH EASIER. I def learned a few things on this trip and decided to create a LIST of TOP 4 THINGS ALL VEGANS SHOULD PACK:

1. Fav Snacks: Airports take forever and are expensive. No matter what time of the day you’re flying bet you always crave a snack. SAVE yourself TIME & MONEY and pre-pack a bunch of your fav snacks before your flight! This also comes in clutch if you‘re traveling somewhere where you‘re not sure there might be a lot of vegan options.

2. Reuseable Container: I actually got this idea from someone on my trip. We stayed at an Airbnb for a week so some nights and mornings we would cook but none of us had containers😬 (except one girl)! So we would have to pack sandwiches everyday bc we had baggies. I’m not a PB&J person so I found myself stuck eating Complete Cookies 🍪 for lunch. Pretty good but not a full meal! If you‘re staying somewhere with a fridge—it’s def WORTH PACKING—the worst case is you’ll pack a container, but at least you’ll have it if you need it!

3. Reuseable Water Bottle: You need water to survive and there’s basically a water fountain EVERY WHERE YOU GO. Don’t waste your money on bottled water. You will def need to stay hydrated throughout your busy vacay plans so stick that water bottle in your suitcase before you leave! If YOU FORGET—buy a large 16-24oz water bottle and just keep refilling it ☺️.

4. Supplements: If you’re traveling for more than a few days and a not-so-friendly vegan city—make sure you’re getting your vitamins and minerals! I have started packing some hemp seeds, chia seed and even my nutritio al yeast flakes in baggies!

Did I miss anything?

Let me know in the comments below!

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