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Is Coronavirus Helping Veganism grow?


Did you know farmers around the U.S is dumping milk, killing chickens and pigs since the pandemic?

Not too long ago me and a classmate worked on a school project to see how the pandemic is affecting the food supply chain and give some solutions to help. First, we had to look up what a food supply chain is if it is being affected by everything going on with coronavirus.

So what is a food supply chain? A food supply chain is everything that makes it possible to get the food that GROWS from the GROUND in FARMS to become food that is SERVED in RESTAURANTS & SOLD in GROCERY STORES….So by everything that makes it possible we are mostly talking about the PEOPLE WORKING in farms, processing plants, slaughter houses, packaging plants, food transportation and restaurants/grocery stores to sell the food of course…

Is there a shortage in food during the pandemic? During the project, we found that there is NOT a food shortage and grocery stores ARE NOT RUNNING OUT of food…they might be low on other products but not food. As a VEGAN I didn’t notice any of my products (mostly fresh fruits/veggies) running out or even have any LIMITS PER PERSON. BUT I did notice that MILK, EGGS, & MEAT PRODUCTS all had “LIMIT TWO PER CUSTOMER” signs….if its not because the food is running out…what is it?

Is there something else going on in the food supply chain? News has just come out that farmers in Delaware, Maryland and North Carolina have been dumping milk (who knows where) and killing millions of chickens, and PIGS are NEXT.

This might explain why there were limits on these animal products. A food shortage is when not enough food is grown in a specific place…there are many things that can cause this. SADLY some places like IOWA and NORTH CAROLINA have almost as many pigs as there are PEOPLE living in those states…All just to have them SUFFER their whole lives, KILLED and the worst part is half of it will be WASTED…Anyhow…In April, Delaware & Maryland KILLED almost 2 MILLION chickens. California, Wisconsin & other states are DUMPING cow milk, and now North Carolina is thinking about killing 1 MILLION pigs…..

So whose fault is it? There are 2 reasons. You can probably guess the first reason because of my last post(Farmers Finally get COVID-19 Tests)…farmers are GETTING SICK with coronavirus and not going to work…and I am talking THOUSANDS of farmers….Remember farming requires people to be really close together in small spaces. Not to mention SLAUGHTERHOUSES and farms are already filled with pollution and diseases from the animals because the way factory farming is set up….and there are A LOT of farms that are NOT GIVING MASKS or TESTING for coronavirus …So what happens when people don’t show up to work? The job doesn’t get done and you have extra product just sitting there…here we have animals that SUFFERED their WHOLE LIVES, living in tight spaces, being forced to make babies….and now there are “too many” and they are not being killed to go to the next step of the supply chain because there aren’t ENOUGH PEOPLE WORKING to do this.

The second reason is that places that used to buy animals for food—restaurants, schools, etc.—are CLOSED or have limited hours because of state quarantines and stay at home orders...According to the National Milk Producers Federation and a news video I watched, 50% of milk is sold to both restaurants & food service spots…I can only imagine how much cow and chicken meat is sold to these spots….

So the solution is killing? They are calling it “depopulate”, farm owners are using words like "killing off needlessly" and not being able to sell “quality product….SO SORRY it is such an INCONVENIENCE that you cannot MAKE MONEY on KILLING another living being…there is NO EXCUSE ever to kill another being that cannot speak up for themselves…

So thank you coronavirus...? I am not going to say I am glad coronavirus happened because people still died although very few thankfully…but YES I am happy that because of the pandemic DAIRY and MEAT INDUSTRY are LOSING EVEN MORE MONEY than before…some farms/processing plants have even closed…that’s a BIG WIN…the more they lose money the more they will close…the more they close....the more people will stop eating it…

If humans were being killed by the MILLIONS wouldn’t people be mad? Wouldn’t you want to know why this is happening? Wouldn’t you want to do something about it? The information is out there and we live in 2020 where we have TOO MANY plant-based options that you CANNOT say it is not possible. We cannot look away just because it may seem hard. Life is hard. So do what is right and choose cruelty-free, plant-based options.


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MR Carlos
MR Carlos
Jun 05, 2020

Thank you this is really helpful i hope this website has room to grow

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